Monday, March 5, 2012

56K - Generations Lost (Notice, 2011)

56K – Generations Lost
Notice 2011

56K is Josh Burke’s new project who has also released material under his name and also as Sky Limousine, Ocean Diamond, and Silk Fountain. I’ve heard Burke’s stuff released under his name and as Sky Limousine, and it is some of my favorite synth drone of a harmonious and shimmering quality.

On "Voices" the drones begin in their well-known, warm aesthetic with what sound like a field recording of voices. It is a pretty short track. "No Reflection" features some rhythmic, minimalist synth melodies bubbling about. Heavily pentatonic and pretty groovy. "A Dream Within A Dream" has some real harmonious, blissed out drones fading in and out. On "The Invisible Clock", the drones really sound like they are underwater, reminiscent of early James Ferraro, maybe on Clear or Discovery. The title track, "Generations Lost", is melodically a bit different. Kind of a retro, sci-fi aesthetic with dissonant synths dancing and jumping around. "Angel" includes more warm, layered, harmonious drones waving in and out. They gradually get more dense as the song progresses. Another solid tape in the Burke discography.

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