Monday, March 26, 2012

Cream Juice - s/t (Orange Milk, 2012)

Cream Juice – s/t
Orange Milk 2012

Cream Juice is Keith Rankin (Giant Claw) and Seth Graham (Henry Dawson – formerly Quilt). This is their debut full-length. Track 1 begins with blippy, synth layered wash and then quickly softens its tone and enters a more long-form, drone section with slow, light, synth pulses. The drones turn into beautiful, harmonious arpeggios rising up and down and become filtered in more synth wash, blips, and pulses. There is definitely a sense of freedom, independence, and improvisation heard in the music as the synths quickly and unexpectedly shift in texture. Their more improvisatory side can be noticed especially on Track 3, featuring an a-rhythmic, synth solo mixed with more noisey, explosive synth. Track 5 begins with queasy, wavering, new age synth drone, transitioning into bubbling, synth pulses very condensely packed, meaning lots of pulses in a small space. Throughout the album there is a great deal of synth exploration and experimentation.

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