Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hakobune - Evergreen/Faraway (Avant Archive, 2012)

Hakobune – Evergreen/Faraway
Avant Archive 2012

Side A, Evergreen, begins with some nice, thick, yet gentle, harmonious electric guitar drones. But again, as we mentioned with our previous post, if you didn’t know that Takahiro played guitar you wouldn’t be able to tell this music was coming from a guitar. It sounds like there is a bit of a low pass filter going on, where its mostly mid-to-low frequencies getting through, giving side A a warm, underwater feel. When notes in the drone are shifting, it is at a very slow and gradual pace, barely noticeable. As this side progresses, the drone begins to grow in density, bubbling. Side B, Faraway, starts off in a similar fashion. Also like side B of Hakobune’s “Recalling…” LP, this second side sounds a bit more epic/dramatic. The thick drone gradually fades and out, a bit more noticeably than Side A.

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