Friday, March 30, 2012

Metasplice – EP II (Injections Limited, 2012)

Metasplice – EP II
Injections Limited 2012

Metasplice is the collaboration between Dave Smolen and Hair_Loss of Philadelphia. This is the second of two EP’s recorded in the summer and fall of 2011 and that were released on a cassette earlier this year.

The first song begins with haunting, echo-y, percussive synth textures and drum machine beats. The aesthetic vibe is quite similar to the Kenneth Lay release we just previously reviewed. The song consists of gradually shifting percussive textures that persistently ride the same rhythm all the way through to the end of the song. It is not often that I come across “noisier” music being used in an especially rhythmic, almost danc-y fashion. Maybe it’s just me. In the second song I like how, at times, the distinction between being in rhythm and out of rhythm, or on beat and off beat, is blurred. The third song features the more chaotic and a-rhythmic side of the group, although there are rhythmic elements that loop. The fourth song is composed of staccato, hiss-y synth sounds that are very jumpy and frenzied but are able to maintain a sense of organization and rhythm. Towards the end of the last song the synths get relatively melodic, at least more so than we’ve heard up until now. It’s a simple, repetitive melody and it is quite entrancing. I feel like an alien is singing to me, or something.

Cassette for purchase including both EP I & II:

EP II streaming:

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