Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Science Vs. Witchcraft – 300 Useful Sound Effects (Cae-sur-a, 2011)

Science Vs. Witchcraft – 300 Useful Sound Effects
Cae-sur-a 2011

This tape is the last document of the Rochester, NY based group Science Vs. Witchcraft. It was captured live to tape at the Bug Jar in 2010. Side A begins with some down-tempo electric guitar droning and picking. Quickly the drummer starts a new beat and the group goes into a piece that reminds me of Do Make Say Think, tempo-wise/rhythmically, melodically, giving off an instrumental, psychedelic, post-rock impression. The recording quality is lo-fi and a bit distorted, but no problem with that. Pretty beautiful guitar riffing, but they’re also not afraid to let their melodies rip a little harder and rock out. Side B features some similar stuff aesthetically: blown out, long-form, instrumental rock jams. First time I hear some vocals with lyrics, a little screaming. Sometimes at the end of songs, the group goes into these more free-form movements, making a little feedback, keyboard drones, etc.

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