Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sky Stadium / Kevin Greenspon split (Existential Cloth, 2011)

Sky Stadium / Kevin Greenspon split
Existential Cloth 2011

Coincidentally, on the B side are three tracks from Greenspon’s Paradise A.D. CD collection, which we already reviewed here if you want to check that out. So we’ll just give a few words about Sky Stadium’s side.

"Over the Sea" starts off with a warm, but distorted synth drone, playing mournful yet harmonious chords. The drones waver and oscillate a good amount, giving the drones some depth and dynamic quality. Towards the end of the song, the distortion goes away and ends on a quiet gentle drone. "Vertical Shade" includes more peaking, distorted synth drones, giving them this lo-fi aesthetic. It’s a warm kind of distortion too, which I like. Not loud or painful. Chords are gradually and slowly played through in a harmonious progression. "Settings" begins with the same type of gently distorted synth drones, drifting through chords at a gradual pace. The distortion gives the drone a wavering quality which I like. "Total Life" is of a similar aesthetic and melodic quality as the rest of the tape. On the whole, the chords played in their droning fashion have a sort of mournful, emotional, and dramatic feel to them. There also might be some kind of chorus or phaser effect being applied to give the drones that wavering quality, but from the distortion it’s difficult to tell.

Sold out cassette here: http://existentialclothrecordings.blogspot.com/

Other Sky Stadium material streaming here: http://skystadium.bandcamp.com/

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