Friday, March 23, 2012

String Band - All Caps (self-released, 2012)

String Band – All Caps
self-released 2012

String Band consists of Sam Moss from West Hartford, Connecticut, on vocals, guitar, fiddle, and banjo, and Jackson Emmer on vocals, mandolin, and tenor banjo. This is String Band’s debut album and it was recorded in Brattleboro Vermont.

"John the Revelator" features some banjo and guitar instrumentals playing in a pretty folk/blues manner. The vocals are quite soulful and heavy, in that old early 20th century, “American Primitive” style. Throughout the album there are some really pretty harmonies between the duo. This stuff could have made it onto Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music. "Arkansas Traveler" begins with some fiddle playing in a sort of country/bluegrass aesthetic, joined by some banjo. There’s a nice cohesiveness and unity between Moss and Emmer playing together, sort of trading off solos and really displaying their technical skills on each respective instrument. "Ragtime Annie", "Pallet On Your Floor", and "Dance All Night" all have a jovial, upbeat, swing/ragtime type of rhythm to them and they might want to make you get up and dance.

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