Thursday, March 29, 2012

Voodoo Mount Sister - Soul Sista (Winged Sun, 2012)

Voodoo Mount Sister – Soul Sista
Winged Sun 2012

This is the first tape for Voodoo Mount Sister and it was recorded in July 2011. According to Winged Sun, “the girl” is on synth and vocals and “the guy” is on beats and bass.

"Apep" begins with droning layers of synth playing a stretched out, dissonant melody. A noisy, rattling thumping sound enters the mix playing in long intervals, yet it is continuous. "Ityopia" starts off with a distorted drone and a scraping, scratchy, noise loop. Amongst this are lighter, softer, and quieter drones that could be a synth or a guitar. There’s also a bass part that really keeps the whole song moving, persistently repeating. The drones are pretty discordant and noisy. Breath, the third song, is a heavily ambient, textural piece, filled with sporadic, a-rhythmic synths plinking and plonking, and a low, rumbling bass drone buzzing. "Light Sculpture" features reverb-drenched vocals for the first time yet, chanting away freely and intermittently. Soon after, a bass-y, 4/4, bumpin beat enters along with a repeating bass line and more looped noise. The synth drones have a rising and falling envelope as they distort and hiss. "Tyrant" is composed of more distorted, noisy synths and a super slow, bass-y, drum machine beat. Another gloomy and bleak release from Winged Sun.


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