Saturday, April 7, 2012

Food Pyramid - Mango Sunrise (Moon Glyph, 2012)

Food Pyramid – Mango Sunrise
Moon Glyph 2012

Food Pyramid is a Minneapolis based trio consisting of C. Farstak, C. Hontona and M. Weather and this is their debut full length LP. “Mango Sunrise”, the first song, has an awesome, propulsive and driving kind of rhythmic feel. Droning, shimmering, melodic synths layer on top of each other along with an incessant drum machine beat. “Who Careosel” is stylistically quite similar with arpeggiating synths and drum machine, though this time maybe a bit heavier and rhythmic on the bass. “Orange Alert” on the other hand has a relatively different sound. The song opens with a cheesy, delayed sax solo and a scorching electric guitar solo follows atop a thumping bass and drum machine snare samples. The sax enters again adding a little thematic pizzazz to the piece. “Oh Mercy” starts off ultra funky focusing on the synths again, though on this song they are more upbeat, in addition to the drum machine. The whole song has more of a retro, danc-y vibe. “The Thief” is exclusively composed of synth arpeggiations and drones, seamlessly weaving in and out, glistening and hypnotic. “Burger Night (Version)” shifts gear into a dub kind of aesthetic on the drum machine, bass, and guitar. And it works too in relation with the other songs heard up to now. The drum machine gets skittish and glitchy but maintains the same beat. Also droning vocals enter in a smooth way, contributing to this tripped out, hazy sound. “Cosmo Canyon” is an equally awesome song, shifting back to the groovy synths and retro, danc-y rhythms. “I Know What I Saw” has a pounding, 4/4 house beat mixed with that scorching guitar, distorted and droning, thicker than ever. This song is a good example of how well this album can blend genres in a tasteful way. Everything tinged in psychedelia though. “Extender” is more drone-based, featuring washy beds of synth. The sax returns, intermittently soloing and screeching. This is also probably one of the more louder and slightly noisier tracks on the album. Quite a finale to this unique and eclectic album. Recommended for sure.

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