Monday, April 16, 2012

Jace Clayton (DJ /Rupture) @ Gel (2011)

Jace Clayton is one of the most inspiring musicians, DJ's, and music writers I have ever come across. His vision is global, and his practice is interdisciplinary, acting as a solo DJ, collaborator, producer, researcher, radio host (at WFMU), and lecturer. He is one of the few people I actually enjoy listening to discuss and theorize about music culture. He is always articulate and always enlightening.

The segregation of Boston music cultures in the 90's inspired Clayton to become DJ /Rupture, "rupturing" the confinement and rigidity of genres. He began blending dance music with African, Arabic, musique concrete, and spoken word, eventually developing his unique, experimental, 3 turntable style.

Clayton has performed in approximately 30 countries. As he discusses in the presentation, all of these travels have taught him an "ethos of localization", having a sensitive ear for what translates and what does not in a certain place. This ties back to his idea of DJ's having to "listen to the room", perceiving "the crowd as an organism with which you are having a dialogue." As a DJ, this ethos is especially relevant, whose purpose is to serve as a meta-cultural media-tor, filter, or curator.

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