Monday, June 11, 2012


Hello everyone. Thanks for browsing this website. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way and so I am not really in a state to give anything a deserving critique. I apologize, but thank you for understanding.

lots of love,


  1. really? these kind of thing are so sad. i hope you are ok, george.

  2. thanks for the supportive comments. we're all combating our own challenges; but I'm well. much better off than most folks.

  3. great! i'm so happy to hear that you're well, george. when i've read 'rip george' i assume the worst, so thanks a lot for answering. i hope you come back to this beautiful blog as soon as possible.
    big hug,

  4. thanks ana. your blog and photography/art has been very inspiring.

  5. from time to time i come back here to see any news...i hope you're ok.

    1. hi ana,
      i really appreciate you checking in...i am very well. things just take unexpected turns. i still listen to music though. i hope youre well.

  6. :)) i'm so happy to hear you are very well, and that you still listen to music.

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