Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Atomizador - Pop Radical (Chingaste la Confianza / Gssh!Gssh, 2011)

Atomizador - Pop Radical
Chingaste la Confianza/Gssh!Gssh 2011

Atomizador is Jose who runs the Madrid-based label Afeite Al Perro. The album Pop Radical features a great amount of fast acoustic picking on mostly acoustic guitar. The picking is quite beautiful and sounds harp-like. The Spanish influence is a bit apparent in the melodies. The album also incorporates some cheerful, sunshine-y, washed out vocals reminiscent of Animal Collective’s style. They have a chanting quality making some nice harmonies and doing some interesting call and response work. Most of the songs are quite short in length, giving them a nice pop-like quality, thus aptly titled Pop Radical.

LP edition of 300 available here: http://chingastelaconfianza.blogspot.com/search/label/Atomizador%20-%20%22Pop%20Radical%22