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Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo - Remore (A Collection) (Monstres Par Excès, 2012)

Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo - Remore (A Collection)
Monstres Par Excès 2012

This is quite a varied release with many of the tracks sounding a bit different. Most of the sounds in the album are made up of aggressive electronic noise washes. But since many of the tracks sound stylistically different, I’m going to do a (mostly) track by track review. The first track, Cetrioli Olandesi (Reprise), features such washes that comes in waves with short silent breaks in between.

Then the next track, First Impro for Joe, is something quite different, sounding like free form plucking on a detuned guitar and what seems like somebody moaning or crying through a trumpet. The juxtaposition of the two sounds goes nicely together. The third track, иå, is made of more harsh noise, this time creating more of a rumbling, stampede-like vibe. Also some high pitched tones in the mix. A bit more texturally dynamic than the first track.

The fourth track, Paresi (1948-2008), features some rattling sounds, hands rubbing together, some faint high pitched feedback. Really nice variety of sounds. A lot of rustling. Some human breathing. A nice recording of paper being torn, matches being lit. Very nice track.

The seventh track, Breve Studio sul Fenomeno della Saturazione di Frequenze #14, features some high pitched tones that could be a hearing test! Loud feedback! Ow! Haha. Some nice fluttering in the frequencies. Reminiscent of Mary Anne Amacher’s work, though not as rhythmic. It sounds like you are hearing the high pitched tones in your head (I mean you are anyway). Very cool track.

The eighth track, Second Impro for Joe, continues the work from the second track, First Impro for Joe. Features a similar moaning. This time instead backed by what sounds like a harmonica (I could be wrong). Track eleven, Nastro #13b, features some nice flute work, at times shrieking. Field recording background noise, some plucked instrument, something droning.

Track thirteen, Reietti, is a remix by 余益裔. We just reviewed a split of theirs with Caligine a couple posts down. This is a pretty slow paced track and is in a similar style to that split. At 14 minutes in, it’s made of some high pitched fluttering in the background, distant ambient electronics, and bass-y, long-form, synth drones. Not very full drones, mostly just one tone.

The last track, called Gravita features some free form acoustic guitar scrapes and squeaks going through effects, sliding up and down guitar strings, VERY echoe-y plucks and taps on the guitar’s body. It sounds like it’s being recorded in a church. Not very noisey or heavy, but a nice medium pace and volume.

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