Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tulasi / Caligine split C40 (Jozik, 2011)

Tulasi / Caligine split C40
Jozik 2011

Here is a split tape between Tulasi and Caligine from Italy (who we reviewed a few posts below) released by Jozik Records. According to Jozik, “Tulasi is a Finnish duo, who are also known for their solo projects Kulkija and Kutomo.”

Side A/the first six songs feature Tulasi. The first track, Silver Love Ocean, opens with BEAUTIFUL drone harmonies/melodies that sound flute-like. Absolutely gorgeous pentatonic/middle eastern modes here. Speechless. The second track, Rose Salt 84, opens with some nice organ drones pulsating, flowing in waves, shimmering. Then the track enters into some more beautiful pentatonic melodies on the organ, then going back into the pulsating waves of blissed out drone. They bleed into the next track, Pulse for Perseids, entering into some more lush organ melodies. Very slow and calm, but not boring at all. On the fourth track, Aura of Elenin, things then get a little more rhythmic and groovy, adding some hand drum beats to the organ. This short track bleeds into the next one, Imminence of YU55, really nicely and smoothly, continuing the hand drum percussion and the organ’s pentatonic, sparse melodies.

Caligine’s side B is one, long 19 minute take, opening with electric guitar drones/feedback and bells or chimes in the distance. On top of the feedback enter some distorted, free form electric guitar chords/strumming. The electronics quiet down a bit and then some real pretty acoustic guitar work slowly fades in. Then on top of the guitar some unclear spoken word, maybe playing backwards (?) enters. I really enjoy the acoustic guitar work.

Samples/Tape is still available here:

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