Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wham Jah - Zombie Rock (Phase!, 2011)

Wham Jah - Zombie Rock
Phase! 2011

Got this one sent from Panagiotis of Phase! Records. First track, Drops of Sand, begins with some haunting electronic drone. On top of that enters some slow, free form percussion. This then stops and a LOUD pulsating synth enters and some heavy beat drum set enters in unison with the electronics. Noise guitar enters alongside, really nasty and dirty. The drums get progressively propulsive which I really like, as the electronics get louder! I think I hear a shrieking saxophone in the background of this noisey mess. Pretty energetic stuff.

Second track, I Put a Spell On Youth, again enters with some electric guitar drone and sporadic drum set. Also quite haunting. The drums then begin a slow and heavy beat which I really enjoy. The combination of the thick, sludgey, electronic drone and the staccato, clean, rhythmic drum set go really nicely together. I think an organ or some form of synth enters fading in and out, playing sporadically. And then, at about 7 minutes in, the chaos silences and you hear some crickets! Some sounds of glass shattering! After that, some bells or chimes. That fades away and then some sounds of footsteps and other miscellaneous sounds. Quite a strange ending, but I like it!

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