Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Black Unicorn – Cinco de Mayo In Space (Rubber City Noise, 2011)

Black Unicorn – Cinco de Mayo In Space
Rubber City Noise 2011

Title track, Cinco de Mayo In Space, begins with a low, bassy synth tone. And then enters some retro spaceship synth/computer noises. Intermittent vocals (or synth) come in and out, delayed and droning. The synth sounds get a bit more spastic and chaotic. The second song, Interstellar Elevator, starts off with some real nice arpeggiating, delayed synth in a minimalist vein. Some ethereal synth sounds are layered on top of the bass melody, fading in and out. More noisier, static-y synths sounds come and go. Then a delayed drum machine comes in, joining the bass melody that has been pretty consistent and droning throughout. Real pretty pentatonic sounds here, quite peaceful giving off a journeying-through-space type of feeling. The third song, Intergalactic Waiting Room is also real pretty, making some nice repetitive, pentatonic, minimalist melodies. These repetitive melodies lay the foundation for some nice light synth droning activity on top, creating some pretty harmonies, slowly fading in and out. Awesome drifter vibe. Fourth track, Discovering Infinity, begins with some staccato synth pulses, and on top enter some pretty synth drones doing some beautiful harmonic work. The synth pulses get a bit more rambunctious and rhythmic, entering the foreground with the gentle drones. The pulses then start getting more melodic, showing some nice transitioning work, real nice evolution to the piece. The drum machine comes back in unison with the melodic pulses, drones now in the background. Eventually the drones and the drum machine exit and the track ends with just the melodic pulses left. The last track, Goodnight Phasing Nebula, gets a bit on the noisey side early on, with a distorted, blown out and delayed drum machine. Low synth, one note drones underneath.

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