Wednesday, March 14, 2012

David Kenneth Nance – Let’s Argue (Unread, 2011)

David Kenneth Nance – Let’s Argue
Unread 2011

Nance has played in a few different bands in Omaha, one of which was called The Prairies, who also did a tape for Unread a few years ago. Currently, Nance also plays in the Simon Joyner line-up with some of the other Prairies members. "Letters 1 & 2" starts off with a woman speaking in a southern accent saying, “This is the first letter that I wrote back home to mommy and daddy a few days after I’d moved to Nashville.” The woman continues talking about being homesick, Nashville, etc. as the music enters made up of what sounds like a harmonica, synth, bass, gentle feedback. The music is kind of in a droning fashion. As the spoken word finishes, some electric guitar and drums enters playing some garage/blues riffs. Unread describes it as “faux-country” and I also get a slight rockabilly impression. The electric guitar gets kind of wildly noisey and free-form towards the end of the song. There’s then some electronic synth wash droning bout for small period of time. "Joanie" has a similar garage rock vibe, except a bit more down tempo and with a swing feel. Once this finishes there’s strange kind of blown out synth in a droning fashion with some electronic pulses that could be a bass. It plays only for a very short time until more rock rhythms and sounds enter again, starting the third song, “Who Eats Who Now?”. "Nebraska Plains" has a softer feel with some background synths droning, rising up and down underneath some acoustic guitar strumming. "In Her Kingdom" features a pretty groovy jam in a psych rock kind of way. The song ends with what sounds like wind recorded and maybe some synth wash. Again, this is only for a short time until the drums and electric guitar start rocking away, seeming to be a musical theme throughout the album. This is "Leather In the Box", which features some more groovin’ garage jams. Overall a pretty groovy release I’d say.

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