Tuesday, March 20, 2012

[n.] – Ein Klagelied für 3f (Cae-sur-a, 2011)

[n.] – Ein Klagelied für 3f
Cae-sur-a 2011

[n.] consists of Jennifer Marquart and this tape was recorded in Köln, Germany between 2009 and 2010. "[]" begins with some gentle, quiet, high-pitched acoustic sounding drones with a low rumbling getting progressively louder and gently blown out. The low, distorted rumbling comes in and out like waves, out of sync with the higher-pitched drones. The high-pitches are quite harmonious and beautiful, yet juxtaposed with this rumbling the musical sound as a whole is very dark and spooky. "[[]]" starts off with a quiet, indecipherable found sound recording of a man speaking in English. Underneath this voice is some electronic hisses, bubbling, and faint drones. As the recording of the man’s voice comes to a close, the music gets louder, especially these haunting, eerie drones or harmonics. The sound is quite textural and free-form, gradually shifting sounds. In "[[[]]]" the music quiets down as a very legato singing voice of a man enters, unsure of the language (doesn’t sound English). Underneath this there is a woman whispering, also in a foreign language, or maybe neither of them are singing in a language at all. Hard to tell. With these voices there is also some walls of rumbling noise in the mix and some quiet high pitched, light drones. The sounds slowly fade in and out, creating a nice overlapping effect. "[[[[]]]]" features some loud, oscillating and droning sounds with some distant, muddled vocals. It is very short and feels like it is cut off, like it is about to build to something.

"Le Brouillard" has some acoustic string instrument being plucked very slowly and freely, in quite a melancholic way. More rumbling, distorted textures enter the mix, fading in and out in volume. On "Costae Spruriae" the string instrument stops and some more hissing type walls of sound enter. The hissing gets louder and sounds like it could be coming from the depths of someone’s vocal cords. It’s loud and scary. The songs transition smoothly into the next, and "Costae Verae" features some low, oscillating, synth drone with high pitched harmonics entering. Some female vocals fade in and out, but only very briefly. Another short song to end the side.

Cassette for purchase: http://www.cae-sur-a.com/007-n-ein-klagelied-fur-3f/

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