Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Giant Claw / The Cats’ Orchestra split (Cae-sur-a, 2012)

Giant Claw / The Cats’ Orchestra split

Split tape here featuring Giant Claw, consisting of Keith Rankin and Chris Mengerink from Ohio, and The Cats’ Orchestra, made up of Nicholay Syrov from Russia.

The A Side features Giant Claw, titled "Righteous-Injustice-Hellearth", and was recorded in 2011. Things start off with some initially crackling, rising and falling/enveloped synths droning, arpeggiating, oscillating. The arpeggiating begins to get more serious as the other noises simmer down a bit, meaning more hypnotic, psychedelic and focused. Other synth noises enter the mix in a more free-form manner, and are somewhat chaotic. Some blown out, distorted, bass synth drones enter underneath the arpeggios, which at this point have also gotten a great deal louder and distorted. The distortion and crackling become almost as loud as the arpeggiating melody, which eventually succumbs to the crackle, pop, and oscillating synth.

Side B by The Cats’ Orchestra, titled "Tail Tale", features some minimalist organ melodies and shimmering/wavering drones that sound like they are in a middle eastern mode or scale. There is also a lo-fi drum machine playing a very slow rhythm. The harmonies between the melody and the drones or washes of electronics are somewhat dissonant, and the rhythm between the melody and drum machine are bit off-kilter. The dissonance, free rhythm, and electronic washes of sound all contribute to a suspenseful and sinister aesthetic.

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