Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Endless Caverns – Sensei Deprivation (Existential Cloth, 2011)

Endless Caverns – Sensei Deprivation
Existential Cloth 2011

Endless Caverns is Matt Lajoie’s solo project who has performed as part of Cursillistas and now Herbcraft. "Mood Repeater" starts off with some lo-fi, organ sounding, droning chords. Lajoie holds onto the same chord for awhile, adding other notes in the progression very slowly. The drones begin to waver very slowly as a scorching, reverb drenched guitar solos in what sounds like a middle eastern mode. The droning persists as the solo drops out, and then a really bassy drone enters the mix, dominating the rest of the sound. A real down tempo, burner of a guitar comes back in, riffing about. Things start getting noisier, with warm distortion. Free form guitar gets some wah-wah treatment. "Guitars In the Sun" starts off with a repeating guitar phrase, with what sounds like some improvisation on top of this phrase. Same lo-fi quality, same scorched reverb. The piece begins to extend itself spacio-temporally, adding more droning layers of guitar. New phrases build on top of this dissolving foundation. The tempo is really long-form, creating a super tripped out, psychedelic sensation. On "Fringe Elements" there's a field recording of people yelling joyfully, clapping, mixed with a wavering guitar drone. With the electric guitar drone, some acoustic guitar drone subtly enters the mix as well. It becomes apparent that the acoustic is being hit with something, used more as a percussion instrument. The electronic drones become more washed out. Electric guitar solos get a bit more wild and freeky nearing the cold end of the tape.

Cassette for purchase: http://www.tomentosarecords.com/existentialcloth.html

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