Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hott Tubb - s/t (self-released, 2011)

Hott Tubb – s/t
Self-released 2011

Hott Tubb is Sam Marion on programming, guitar, and vocals, and Phil Cote on synths and vocals. They are based in Philly.

"Crumb Top" starts off with a heavy drum machine beat and synths playing melodies and also arpeggiating up and down amongst the melodies. Kind of an electro vibe going on here. Really dancy, heavily beat-ridden synths. "It’s Alright" starts off with some glitchy synths and drum machine and then breaks down into a real heavy, groovy rhythm with vocals, melodic guitar, and drone-y synths, singing “It’s Alright.” "Balabaristas (remix)" features some beautifully melodic arpeggiating synths with a real funky drum machine beat and that classic, falling, glittery synth sound that I love. Towards the second half of "Tuck" the synths get melodically drone-y. "Like A Kennedy" features what sounds like a kid’s cellphone or something close to 8-bit repeating a short melody. It keeps repeating over a heavy hip-hop beat. Pop sensibilities can be found throughout the album.

Cassette for purchase: http://existentialclothrecordings.blogspot.com/


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