Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eyes - The Candle In the Crown of the Dawn (Field Hymns, 2012)

Eyes – A Candle In the Crown of the Dawn
Field Hymns 2012

Eyes was a Bay Area based group but is no longer together. First track, Far Away, begins the album with some frenetic drum set rock rhythms. Quickly the electric guitars enter in a rather thick, pysch rock aesthetic. Really digging the repetitive, hypnotic bass line underneath. Track 3, Grey Moss, features some nice sax work in a droning and free-jazz style. Track 4, That Silence, gets rather bluesy and pentatonic in the initial guitar solo opening the song. The sax, effected with delay on this song, gets pretty saucy which is always great. It’s just nice to see it enter the forefront in a rock setting. Might be my favorite track. On the fifth track, Black Water, some rather beautifully melodic sax is in there. Last track, the title track, begins with some synth arpeggios going up and down which sound good. The synth (or guitar) gets progressively noisier and blown out throughout the song but not in a harsh or aggressive way. Actually, the distorted drones fade out going right into a kind of poppier, rock/funk beat.

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