Friday, March 2, 2012

Heat Wave - Sweets (Heat Rave, 2012)

Heat Wave – Sweets
Heat Rave 2012

Psychedelic glitch-hop offerings here, filled with such a diverse mixture of sounds and samples. First track, Nowhere, ranges from shimmering and pulsating synths, digital beats and percussion, intermittent moments of static, and more. The second track, Nobody’s Drinking, features some funk sample early on that has that classic vinyl hiss. The title track, Sweets, opens with a sample of an effected violin orchestra and continues with an indecipherable loop/sample but sounds pretty drone-y and synth-y. Fourth track, Eat Flesh, features some bass-y beats with blip-blop type cosmic synths going about, keeping things on the minimal side. Fifth track, Watch Yr Back, has got one of the most gnarliest, funkiest samples in it! It got me groovin’ for sure. Because of the looping it has this dub kind of vibe. Eighth track, On Yr Knees, has such an awesome, heavy/down tempo, bass-y beat that I really dig. Track nine, Every Fuck Shop, and track ten, Tiki Tea, feature entrancing loops of some psychedelic synth drones and melodies. I want to say it sounds like Black Moth Super Rainbow, but not as poppy, more droning. Same sunshine evocations though. Perhaps my two favorites from the album.

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  1. Hey,

    would you post a link for download? Its impossible for me to get the album.

  2. hello,
    unfortunately i don't have a download link. i listened to it on their bandcamp, but that seems to be down, as well as their website. sorry.