Friday, March 2, 2012

Tetras – Pareidolia (Flingco Sound System, 2012)

Tetras – Pareidolia
Flingco Sound System 2012

Tetras is a trio consisting of drums, organ/electronics, and contrabass. Pareidolia was recorded in Zurich and is now available as a 2xLP. Side A begins with some persistently sliding contrabass, up and down, warm droning organ, and rhythmic drumming on some bells. Real nice group cohesivesness. Kind of remind me of Bablicon, except more droning and without woodwinds. But they both similarly display a nice juxtaposition of rock and jazz fusion. Some real nice moments of propulsive rhythm and drone with the bass getting pretty groovy. The organ drones often sound quite dischordant and dirty, which starts off Side B. I really enjoy the bell work from percussionist Jason Kahn. Side C features probably the noisiest side yet from the group, seeming to originate from organ/electronics musician Jeroen Visser. Around 7 minutes in the noise quiets down and the organ starts to waver between two pitches creating quite a heady/queasy sensation. Contrabassist Christian Weber and drummer Kahn start building the groove again mixed with the shifting organ drones. Side D begins things on the noisier end again coming from the organ. Mixed with the noise is some persistent rhythms from Kahn and some minimalist ostinatos from Weber. Some free-form scrapes and scratches on the contrabass are featured for the first time in the album which sound real nice. Overall a pretty good display of group performance, rhythmic groove, and drone.

2xLP available here:

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