Friday, March 2, 2012

Ur - Clandestine Meeting Park (No Visible Scars, 2011)

Ur – Clandestine Meeting Park
No Visible Scars 2011

Ur is an Italian trio and work together mostly through free improvisation. Side A begins with some singing bowl hits and some some distorted feedback and distorted guitar enters in a free form, a-rhythmic droning fashion. Pretty spooky industrial/doom aesthetic going on here. Its loud and noisey but not too aggressive, still quite ambient and languid. Things get a bit more rhythmic and in unison displaying some nice group work as a trio. Side A also concludes with singing bowls only as well. Side B features some layered static and industrial haze, this time with some muddled spoken word in the mix. The a-rhythmic quality is maintained, getting increasingly noisier and distorted.

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