Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hair_Loss – Calibration EP (Bruxist, 2011)

Hair_Loss – Calibration EP
Bruxist 2011

All that I’ve been able to gather is that Hair_Loss is from Philly. “Msrp” begins with glitchy, a-rhythmic synth and drum machine sounds. Slowly the a-rhythmic sounds fall into place and the 4/4 bass beat kicks the song into high gear. More percussive and texturally composed, not all that different from what we heard on the last couple of posts from Kenneth Lay and Metasplice (1/2 is Hair_Loss) a couple posts back. “Tetris Dick” also starts off in a similar way, with the different textures playing in an off-kilter way at first, but soon transforming into an organized beat. Even once the song does “fall into place” it still has a pretty chaotic and frenzied aesthetic because there are so many different sounds that are filling out the beat. “Ballsweat” doesn’t feature as many sounds, yet the synths are quite gritty and noisy, blown out and crackling. “Rear Heater” is composed of a similar kind of dirty, glitchy drum machine, but this time incorporates wavering layers of warm synth drone. It adds a nice counterbalance juxtaposed with the rhythmic grit. Towards the end of the song the rate of the oscillation on the drone is sped up, blending more with the more percussive sounds.

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