Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dave Smolen / Hair_Loss - s/t (Bruxist/Injections Limited, 2011)

Dave Smolen / Hair_Loss – s/t
Bruxist/Injections Limited 2011

“A split record between live hardware rhythm constructors, Dave Smolen and Hair_Loss. The LP features new solo material from both artists and includes a collaborative track from a session in summer 2010.”

“Bionisensitivity”, while composed of the Philly duo’s established analog synth, noise rhythms, incorporates more long form and crackling, droning synths that loop in intonation. “Stitchglide” and “Manual Control (III)” utilize staccato, static-y, hard edged synth rhythms. The beats are in your face and aggressive in form. It’s dance music that I imagine would be difficult to dance to, because of its constantly shifting and experimental nature. I suppose one could dance to anything though. “Eyes Up To the Glass Bottom (Feat. Ebony Ampere)” is composed of relatively softer, free form layers of synth pulses jumping around and modulating. After listening to this album you would begin to think that Smolen and Hair_Loss might be twins because of how similar their musical style is. “Window Over Yellow” begins quite anomalously featuring more drone-y ambient synth work that is gritty and distorted but still sounds warm.

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