Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Iibiis Rooge – Life In A Bloodcell (Winged Sun, 2012)

Iibiis Rooge – Life In A Bloodcell
Winged Sun 2012

Iibiis Rooge is a collaborative project between High Wolf and Astral Social Club. The first song on Side A begins with pulsating, oscillating synth drones and more textural, scratchy synth sounds. Layers of hand drum, “tribal sounding” percussion enter playing a slow, groovy rhythm as the synths get more melodic in a minimalist, pentatonic vein, exhibiting quite a psychedelic drone sound. The second song features a bubbly synth and percussion loop mixed with oscillating and more new age-y synths droning. The drones slowly play through short, repeating melodies creating a rather hypnotic effect. The bubbly, synth oscillations and pulses texturally counterbalance the more “new age-y” drones in a pretty nice way. Side B is composed of loud ambient noise/hiss which sounds like it also is a lo-fi recording of wooden chimes or something to that effect. This initial ambience eventually transitions into an even louder, more hiss-y and aggressive noise which has a relatively upbeat, groovy rhythm to it. Layers of a variety of distorted synth textures build the song, oscillating and cascading. Towards the end of the jam the sounds become quite chaotic and dense, immersing the listener.

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