Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kunlun – KIII (Winged Sun, 2012)

Kunlun – KIII
Winged Sun 2012

No info on who Kunlun is or where they are from. Anyone know? Feel free to comment below. Song one consists of a pulsating synth drone maintaining a slow, steady rhythm. Another layer of drone is added into the mix creating a very subtle, yet powerful dissonance that is really beautiful. The steadiness of the rhythmic drone exudes a very calm, peaceful, and transcendent quality. Song two is made up of layers of arpeggiating synths melodically looping. The layers are slightly off-kilter rhythmically, although they sound very similar, creating quite a heady, hypnotic impact. It’s easy to get lost in this song because it’s very difficult to distinguish and organize the different sounds in your mind. Somehow though the song doesn’t fall apart, but maintains a steady rhythm, if a bit off-kilter. One of the synth layers provides the foundational beat, sounding like the synth version of a hip-hop drum track. Great song. Song three begins with a groovy/dancy, bubbly synth rhythm. There’s a really nice chemical balance between the couple different layers of ambient drone that enter. One is more echo-y while the other is softly blown out. These layers eventually fade out as a new rhythm enters, seemingly made out of droplets of water drenched in reverb. The recording sounds like it could have been from an alleyway. While the sense of the rhythm remains, this water droplet sound become submerged in a zonked, arpeggiating synth going up and down on a pentatonic scale. Song 4 comprises of more textural synth beats, somewhat reminiscent of Matmos. This initial rhythm multiplies itself and is placed into different times of the beat as a light, gentle, fluttering drone joins it. Side B and perhaps some of the songs preceding it falls into the minimalist, glitch, “IDM” territory. Especially the last song which is a 9 minute journey into textural and rhythmic progression and less focused around traditional notions of melody.

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