Monday, March 26, 2012

La Big Vic - Actually (Orange Milk, 2011)

La Big Vic – Actually
Orange Milk 2011

La Big Vic is a Brooklyn trio consisting of keyboardist Peter Pearson, guitarist Toshio Masuda, and violinist/lead singer Emilie Friedlander (co-editor of Altered Zones). This cassette is a reissue of a vinyl release on Underwater Peoples.

"LYNY" features a mid-tempo bass beat with atmospheric electric guitar and sweeping, cascading synths. The vocals are drenched in a vocoder effect, singing, “I love you, I need you.” The bass beat is replaced by a more upbeat drum set/rock rhythm as the whole song is energetically lifted with dreamy, chanting vocals, oscillating synths, and louder drones. "Heyo Silver Morning" in the beginning incorporates a groovy drum machine rhythm and beautiful vocals from Friedlander (they don’t sound English?). A 4/4 standard bass beat enters among the initial rhythm along with a scorching, psyched out guitar and more ambient synth sounds. In between the vocal part there’s an awesome synth melody/solo that is played in a pentatonic, east Asian-sounding scale. Great song. "Chinese Wedding" is composed of layers of synth drone cascading and improvising in a free form, pentatonic vein. Quite pretty. "Musica" features long-form, melancholic violin (which up until now, hasn’t really been heard much) mixed with a slow paced drum machine. Towards the end of the song the guitar enters the forefront in its scorching, psychedelic style, improvising freely in a blues scale.

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