Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Geoffrey Sexton / Clearing – Blank (Univers/Elementum / No Kings, 2012)

Geoffrey Sexton / Clearing – Blank
Univers/Elementum 2012 / No Kings 2012

Sexton is a Tennessee based filmmaker and a member of Horsehair Everywhere. He made this video for Clearing’s song “Blank”, which was on a cassette release called “No Titles” on No Kings earlier this year.

The music is drone based and has a dramatic and epic chord progression, somewhat because it is a very slow and gradual one. The ambient drone contributes to the video’s mysterious montage, visual/textural abstraction, and superimposition. I find this relationship – specifically between the music and abstract visuals - common among music that is more ambient or drone based (see the Former Selves video a couple posts down). The pace of the movement in the video and of the movement in the music, the sense of time created, has been fitted together quite nicely in a gradual rhythm. This creates an effect of a rather dream-like, fantasy world on the audience.

Clearing "No Titles" tape sold out here. Check distributors?

Full stream here though:

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