Tuesday, March 27, 2012

D. Forma – Amplia Grey (Lovethechaos, 2011)

D. Forma – Amplia Grey
Lovethechaos 2011

D. Forma is Mario G. Ferrer from Barcelona. Track 1 begins with some blistering electronic noise walls, distorted and crackling, and quite in your face. More in the background you can hear a synth playing a bit softer, in a droning fashion yet slowly moving between notes melodically. Eventually the initial aggressive noise simmers for a short while (before returning again) as the softer synth starts playing more melodically than before. Track 2 features low, bassy, droning electronics that sound rather intimidating. A higher pitched, droning synth comes in and out, and another plays short repeating ostinatos. The blistering washes of synth return. Track 3 incorporates panning, oscillating synth drones with bleak sounding atmospherics. The last track continues with more textural, ambient synth layers, playing short, yet gradual, melancholic melodies mixed with noise wash. There is also what sounds close to a bird chirp coming in and out on a very long loop. Throughout the album I find the musical aesthetic to be one of darkness and bleakness.

12" for purchase: http://www.lovethechaos.net/shop/

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