Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lost Objects - Privenv Highly (Lovethechaos, 2012)

Lost Objects – Privenv Highly
Lovethechaos 2012

Lost Objects is Asotnev Eon and Asem Oigres, two Spanish musicians. "Newsluie Consis" features free form analog synth modulations and background hiss, quite a sparse and short track. "Overlooks Inquiry" is more melodic, though still quite free form, it is composed of short, ostinato pulses droning. Blasts of synth sporadically and a-temporally shoot into the soundscape. "Metatastic Sleep" also consists of a droning quality, though this time it is a bit more harmonious and somewhat less chaotic. Similar short, melodic phrases that were found in track 2 play through the layers of drone. There are layers of synth, some distorted and bassy, and others more ethereal, light, and fluttering. Throughout there is the impression of an improvisatory, playful, idiosyncratic sonic exploration, as textures shift at times unexpectedly and surprisingly. In tracks like "Treens Cating", a tension is sensed between gentle, harmonious melodies, and more noisier textures being executed.

Cassette for purchase: http://www.lovethechaos.net/shop/

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