Friday, April 13, 2012

Gianluca Becuzzi - Haunted (Cérebro Morto, 2011)

Gianluca Becuzzi – Haunted
Cérebro Morto 2011

Becuzzi is an Italian based musician and this EP was recorded in 2011. “H001” begins quietly with distorted, feedback-y tones until a pounding, echo-y bass enters on a slow, maybe a-rhythmic beat. It’s quite a spooky track. “H002” is slightly less intimidating though it still features ghostly, echo-y ambience with screeching, percussive noise. Waves of hiss pan left and right on the headphones and zoom in. There’s a nice sense of pace to the piece, gradually shifting textures in a very careful, evolutionary manner. The end of the song focuses on metal percussion clanging. Early in “H003” there are percussive sounds with a resounding echo. The overall sound of the piece is rather minimalist until a rumbling, thundering bass sound enters in addition to more panned hiss. “H004” sounds very similar to “H001”, incorporating the pounding bass and high-pitched feedback. They are also the same length, as are track two and three. Thus the sequencing process is quite noticeable and intentional here.

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