Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pregnant Spore – Listen To the Universe (Cérebro Morto, 2012)

Pregnant Spore – Listen To the Universe
Cérebro Morto 2012

Pregnant Spore is the solo project of Justin Marc Lloyd based in Baltimore, Maryland and this EP was recorded in early 2011. “Time Melt” consists of crackling, free form analog synth racket at times becoming harsh and aggressive. The overall sound of the piece is on the minimal side allowing the silence to seep in amongst the synth. Cérebro Morto’s promo for the album also says that there is “real object sound processing” in the album, of which you can hear subtle, metal percussion rattling mixed with the synth noise. The synth is chaotic throughout the piece, in the sense that it is constantly shifting between pitch, texture, and rate. “Terres Australes” is less chaotic and frenzied and more of a drone affair, though it still features noisy textures. The synth is relatively tamer and it sounds as if the washes of noise are sourced from the processed percussion. In the first half of the piece there is a bass sound that could be a record player stopping that repeats, providing a sense of rhythm. The song has a mechanical aesthetic, composed of looping, minmalist phrases woven into each other.

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