Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kylie Minoise – Die Yuppie Scum! Secret Love Quest Ov Sick Shock Disco Destroyer! (Mind Flare Media, 2012)

Kylie Minoise – Die Yuppie Scum! Secret Love Quest Ov Sick Shock Disco Destroyer!
Mind Flare Media 2012

Kylie Minoise is a solo project by English musician Lea Cummings who is now based in Glasgow, Scotland. “Xerox OV Sicksicksick Shox” begins with expectedly harsh electronic noise wash with pulses in the background. “Psychodelic Stunt Academy” is not so harsh and stylistically different, incorporating a distorted, mid-tempo drum machine keeping a consistent rhythm throughout the song, droning on. Layers of distorted drone enter filling out the track. It’s a danc-y but dirty and gritty sound. More echo-y atmospherics enter in the mix. “Sick Serpent Secrets” features a similarly slow/mid-tempo drum machine, though this time a bit more echo-y. Another layer of drum machine, which is a bit groovier creating polyrhythms, enters in addition to screeching, droning noises. There are more layers of electronic washes of noise that are more dynamic and blipping about. “Elation Escalation Sensation” is composed of layers of distorted synth drone, slowly moving through discordant, dissonant notes. “Earlobes of Shame Buckets of Bile” is more upbeat and kind of hip-hop-ish with the drum machine bathed in its typical grit. The track also juxtaposes a relatively soft, harmonious, and oscillating synth drone with warbly and distorted vocals mixed with the drum machine. “Metal Mafia vs. Feedback Ninja” consists of a bassy, punchy, looped synth melody along with dissonant, echo-y drones. The looped synth melody gradually increases in volume becoming more and more abrasive until all you can hear are walls of noise. “And the Dead Bug…” is quite entrancing as the drum machine and synth rhythmically and melodically loop and drone in sync with each other for quite some time.

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