Monday, April 2, 2012

Homeless Mind Theory Mix - Mixtape Series #10

I recently put together a mix for Homeless Mind Theory (see link on the right), an experimental music blog and label collective based in Manchester, UK. They post all kinds of great, mostly unheard of, music so I highly recommend you keep tabs on them. The mix is unintentionally but heavily made up of folk music from Africa except for one African-American folk song and one song from Yemen. The countries from where the African material is from ranges from Niger, Mali, Morocco, and Madagascar.

The underlying quality in all of these songs (except maybe the first) is their sparse nature. I think this minimalist tendency enables the music to be more powerful. Or, because the core parts of a song are already powerful, they don’t need any decoration. In fact, they are better off without it. I find these songs powerful because they are deeply soulful, spiritually uplifting, and at times hypnotic. It is important to note that more than half of the musicians on this mix are not credited on their recordings. Maybe this goes without saying, but I feel like saying it anyway: “critical acclaim”, “recognition”, professionalism, or academia does NOT define what it means to be a talented musician (for example: one of the songs on the mix that have deeply moved me is a prison song Alan Lomax recorded). It is my intention to make that point clear by sharing this mix. Enjoy.

Complete tracklist:


1 Mdou Moctar / Tahoultine / Music From Saharan Cellphones LP

2 Tartit / Iya Heniya / Ichichila

3 Hassan Bousou / Katib Allah / Gnawa Home Songs

4 Unknown / Lintata, Onomatopée / Madagascar: Pays Mikea

5 Unknown / Tahammat / Ikewan: Tuareg Memories

6 Unknown / Early In The Mornin´ - Prison Songs / Vol. 1: Murderous Home

7 Tartit / Ansari / Abacabok

8 Oudaden / Track 02 / Boustane Music

9 Unknown / Akazehe Par Une Jeune Fille / Burundi: Musiques Traditionnelles

10 Unknown / Wedding Song / The Yemen Tihama: Trance & Dance Music From The Red Sea Coast of Arabia

11 Unknown / Antsatsa, Chant Et Chant / Madagascar: Pays Mikea

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